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Referral Event

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Hello all fellow Goliath players & staff. Today I am informing you guys of an event that's going to be occurring at the time of this post, until the end of next week on Saturday at 12am. This event is hosted by me. Below is all the information you need.


What's the event?

The event is the referral event. This event is a challenge for the community to see who devotes themselves most to our server & this is your time to shine if you have the inclination to help this server grow!


What do I get out of this?

So you might be wondering, "What's the reward", "What's the point of doing this?"; To help out the server! Kidding, there is rewards which will be listed below for 1st 2nd and 3rd place.


How do I refer someone in-game?

First of all, please note all information will be logged to prevent cheating during the process of the event. If you are caught in the event of cheating, there will be consequences. In order to refer someone you type ::referral (username here). So i.e. ::referral Skiller8860 (WILL NOT COUNT AS ONE). Any cheating and/or invalid referrals will be counted as -3 from your total automatically by the system. So if you would like to win this event, I would recommend NOT to cheat. Understand this helps keep Goliath macro free and fair for all players, thank you.


The Rewards:

Finally the rewards, as some of you are probably envisaging of whether to do this event or not, it will mean a lot from me kindly even if you do not like the rewards, to put forth your best effort to try to help us grow and become one of the best servers out there.


First Place:

- $60 in-game credit for Members Store

- Donator status; if you are already donator, 100m in-game cash.

- $20 Digital Giftcard of your choice (can be anywhere just let me know).


Second Place:

- $20 in-game credit for Members Store

- 1 Chaotic Weapon of your choice

- Receive custom rank on forums of your choice. (must not violate our rules)


Third Place:

- $10 in-game credit for Members Store

- 20m in-game cash.

- 5 Legendary M-boxes


Goodluck to all of you, thank you for all of those who have supported Golaith, as you guys made this event & this server possible, happy referring! 



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