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Achievement Rewards

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Everybody has been asking lately, what are the rewards for a said achievement. Upon thought of people asking about it and thinking it'll help you guys out, this post will inform you of every achievement in Goliath, and every reward following with it.

*Will be updated as we progress in adding more achievements down the road. Have suggestions for them? Put it in our suggestions section.


Easy Tasks:


Kill a White knight - x1 White Longsword

Pour 1M Into The Well - x1 Guthix Crozier

Cut An Oak Tree - x1 Bird's Nest w/ random ring in it

Burn An Oak Log - x1 Bird's Nest w/ random ring in it

Fish A Salmon - x50 Feathers

Cook A Salmon - x5 Noted Raw Salmons

Eat A Salmon - x1 Rocktail

Mine Some Iron - x1 Iron Bar

Smelt An Iron Bar - x5 Noted Iron Bars

Harvest A Crop - x1 Book of Balance

Infuse A Dreadfowl Pouch - x1 Spirit Shard Pack

Catch A Young Impling - x5 Noted Young Impling Jars

Craft A Pair Of Leather Boots - x5 Noted Leathers

Climb An Agility Obstacle - x1 Boots of Lightness

Fletch Some Arrows - x125 Headless Arrows

Steal A Ring - x1 Ring of Recoil

Mix A Potion - x1000 Noted Vial of Waters

Runecraft Some Runes - x75 Noted Rune Essences

Bury A Big Bone - x1 Guthix Cloak

Complete A Slayer Task - x1 Ring of Slaying (4)

Set Up a Cannon - x100 Cannonballs

Kill a Monster Using Melee - x1 Dragon Dagger

Kill a Monster Using Ranged - x100 Rune Arrows

Kill a Monster Using Magic - x200 Pure Essences

Deal 1000 Melee Damage - 100k Coins

Deal 1000 Ranged Damage - 100k Coins

Deal 1000 Magic Damage - 100k Coins

Perform a Special Attack - x1 Granite Maul

Fight Another Player - x1 Helm of Neitiznot

Bury A Dragon Bone - x1 Antifire (4)


Medium Tasks:


Slay A Revenant Dark Beast - x1 Dark Dagger

Pour 50M Into The Well - x1 Clue Scroll

Cut 100 Magic Logs - 250k Coins

Burn 100 Magic Logs - 250k Coins

Fish 25 Rocktails - x10 Red Vine Worms

Cook 25 Rocktails - x10 Red Vine Worms

Mine 25 Runite Ores - x100 Noted Coal

Smelt 25 Rune Bars - x100 Noted Coal

Harvest 10 Torstols - x1 Vote Scroll

Infuse 25 Steel Titans - x100 Noted Coal

Catch 5 Kingly Implings - 2m Coins

Complete A Hard Slayer Task - x1 Ring of Slaying (4)

Craft 20 Black D'hide Bodies - x10 Noted Dragon Bones

Fletch 450 Rune Arrows - x50 Runite Bolts

Steal 140 Scimitars - 500k Coins

Mix An Overload Potion - 500k Coins

Assemble A Godsword - x1 Ecumenical Key

Climb 50 Agility Obstacles - 1m Coins

Runecraft 500 Blood Runes - x350 Noted Rune Essences

Use 25 Frost Dragon Bones - x1 Rune Kiteshield

Fire 500 Cannon Balls - x175 Cannon Balls

Deal 100K Melee Damage - x1 Super Strength (4)

Deal 100K Ranged Damage - x1 Ranging Potion (4)

Deal 100K Magic Damage - x1 Magic Potion (4)

Defeat The Chaos Elemental - x1 Dragon med helm

Defeat A Tormented Demon - x1 Dragon Chainbody

Defeat Scorpia - x1 Dragon Longsword

Defeat Zulrah - x150 Zulrah Scales

Defeat 10 Players - x1 Dragon Defender

Reach A Killstreak Of 3 - x1 Overload (4)


Hard Tasks:


Pour 250M Into The Well - x1 Guthix mjolnir

Cut 5000 Magic Logs - x1 Sacred Clay Axe

Burn 2500 Magic Logs - x1 White Firelighter

Fish 2000 Rocktails - x250 Red Vine Worms

Cook 1000 Rocktails - x250 Red Vine Worms

Mine 2000 Runite Ores - x1 Sacred Clay Pickaxe

Smelt 1000 Rune Bars - x100 Noted Coal

Harvest 1000 Torstols - x50 Noted Super Restores (4)

Infuse 250 Steel Titans - x100 Blue Charms

Craft 1000 Diamond Gems - x2 Noted Crystal Keys

Catch 100 Kingly Imps - x10 Noted Kingly Implings Jars

Fletch 5000 Rune Arrows - x1000 Runite Bolts

Steal 5000 Scimitars - 2m Coins

Runecraft 8000 Blood Runes - x2500 Pure Essences

Bury 500 Frost Dragon Bones - 5m Coins

Fire 5000 Cannon Balls - x1 Hand Cannon

Mix 100 Overload Potions - x1 Vote Scroll

Complete An Elite Slayer Task - x1 Ring of Slaying (8)

Assemble 5 Godswords - x1 Godsword Blade

Deal 10M Melee Damage - x1 Dharok's Platebody

Deal 10M Ranged Damage - x1 Karil's Top

Deal 10M Magic Damage - x1 Ahrim's Robe Top

Defeat Jad - x10000 Tokkul

Defeat Bandos Avatar - x1 Ice Gloves

Defeat General Graardor - x1 Ring of Slaying (6)

Defeat Kree'arra - x1 Ring of Slaying (6)

Defeat Commander Zilyana - x1 Ring of Slaying (6)

Defeat K'ril Tsutsaroth - x1 Ecumenical Key

Defeat The Corporeal Beast - x1 Spirit Shield

Defeat Nex - x1 Ancient Cloak

Defeat 30 Players - x1 Overload (4)

Reach a Killstreak of 6 - x1 Overload (4)


Elite Tasks:


Complete All Hard Tasks - x1 Dragon 2h Sword

Cut An Onyx Stone - x1 Fire Cape

Reach Max Exp In A Skill - x1 TokHaar-Kal

Reach Level 99 In All Skills - x1 Eva's Kiteshield

Defeat 10,000 Monsters - x1 Silverlight

Defeat 500 Boss Monsters - x1 Enhanced Excalibur

Vote 100 Times - x10 Vote Scrolls

Unlock All Loyalty Titles - x1 Darklight






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