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Suicide RC guide

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Instead of being smart and focusing saving money I'm gonna have you die a whole bunch to level up runecrafting!

To start runecrafting we're first going to need Rune essence.
To obtain this essence Click UGMeNZF.png and then click I8RBChJ.png.
If you do not have a pickaxe click "Ore mine" and buy a pickaxe else click essence mine.
Mine the best essence you can. You can bank your essence in the center of the mine. (this is also decent mining exp)

Once you have a few inventories worth of essence It's time to begin crafting runes!
Click UGMeNZF.png and then click yvAjyrB.png

there are three NPCs here.
Handles Talismans                  Is a bank                Handles Fragments
rrrUQJo.png                    XPXc5YK.png                zAPjTk4.png

To begin leveling we need 40 RC, to quickly get 40 buy an aboMzcP.png Fill your inventory with your essence and click C0MRSdh.png

When you arrive click the altar to craft your runes. Two inventories should be enough to hit level 40.

Now begins the semi afk suicide method of leveling RC.
You may have noticed the balls floating around.

When you hit level 40 click this thing
When you die eventually you will spawn at home, You do not lose items here.
Teleport back using yvAjyrB.png and get back to afking

Once you're level 72 you get to upgrade balls!
This is the thing you're gonna die to a whole bunch!

Give it a few hours and bam new level 99

As for the fragment shop you don't really need anything, the pouches are basically the only reward worth your time.

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