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In order to play on the server, please download our latest client found by CLICKING HERE!


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  1. Been playing with a few things in Photoshop (i am by now means any good but i'm learning slowly!) Just a font with a different images masked behind it, quite effective!
  2. Sounds good, going to have to do some recruiting!
  3. FRV

    FRV / Gimli

    Afternoon everyone, Been playing on Goliath for a couple of days now just thought i should introduce myself. Im Fabian, (FRV / Gimli) I've been playing rs now on and off for around 13 years, and probable been playing RSPS's for around 5-6 years of that time. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone, and thanks for a nice welcome into the server, I know you can join a lot of servers and find that not many people speak, or are even online, so it's very refreshing to join a server like Goliath! Feel free to add & speak to me any time i'll be happy to chat! Thanks!
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