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  1. Read my mind with this in all honesty. I'm planning on putting this into the benefits 😛
  2. I like the droprate % increase idea. Definitely will look into doing that. Same with the ::drops tab. Thanks for the idea. Also no problem, thank you to everybody for being a player making this server possible! 😄
  3. I'll keep in mind, thanks for input!
  4. There will be login rewards for f2p too, this thread is mainly just for donator benefits currently.
  5. Hello fellow Goliath players & staff. Today I am creating this post to let you voice your opinion about donator benefits and/or options. My goal below is I'm planning on making a tier system listed above for donators, if donated x amount then you will receive x. Please comment below any additional benefits you'd like to see donators have, as I am looking for ideas and willing to try to satisfy everyone's wants and needs. Also, due to people not using the in-game Member Store as often as I suspected, more so just buying membership status or an item from the actual store, I will be removing the store in-game and adding all items to the donator store on our website. If there is any items you would like to see, please let me know as I can try to add it to the donator store. Thanks for your community input!
  6. Congratulations to @Awakens for their recent moderator status being approved. He's been playing for 93 hours almost 100 hours. Been very active & welcoming to newer players, trys to help in the best way he can, and he also is very resourceful with knowledge. Welcome to the team! Unfortunate part is, that @scarred is no longer with us due to legitimate reasons. Hopefully they will be back he claimed, but he said it'll be hard for reasons. I hope all gets better for him as he was a helpful member of the staff team for the short period served.
  7. - Fulfilled a suggestion to allow Fishing in Dungeoneering. With your starter in dung, you are now gave x1 Fishing Rod, x1 Harpoon, and 75 Fishing Bait, if member, 175 Fishing Bait. - Starters get Mystery boxes now. Normal mode = 3 Ironman = 2 Ultimate Iron Man = 1. This is beneficial for Ironmen players as drops are harder and the economy is harder for you as-is. - Created new starter (image below). - Dungeoneering skill now has a max level of 120. - Slayer skill now has a max level of 120. - Added x2 fishing objects in Dungeoneering - Added proper Zulrah maps client sided, please update to our latest client or you will see a black screen upon teleporting to Zulrah. New client can be found at the top of the forums. - Donators that are Ironmen & Ultimate Ironmen can no longer access the store at the Donator Zone as it had easy access to potions in it along with other items. - Zulrah has been moved, in compliance with the new regions of the map. - Fixed clue scrolls not displaying proper description due to moving new home -- will not display clues relating to current home. - Added unlimited money pouch feature. It will not show past 2147m but will allow you hold more, just examine to see how much is in it. - Fixed issue where Java 9 users was unable to right click at all. - Fixed issue with short bow & long bow not firing Iron Arrows. - Added minimap icons at home, looks more "clean". - Expanded Bytes on client end to read regions faster. - Eliminated old launcher, caused too many issues. Sorry to those who will miss the .midi music file. It was Piano edition of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons for those who want it. - Created a simple, more lightweight launcher that causes no issues. What to expect in future updates? - Second FL Dungeoneering - Daily login rewards for donators -- based on your total donated - Daily login rewards for non-donators -- will receive XP lamps - Add fully working XP Lamps - Add bonus experience like RS3 down the road - Will add Third-Aged Drudic Wreath to Stardust shop - Add Lit bug Lantern to Stardust shop - Add yo-yo with proper animations & to stardust shop - Add trousers with proper animations & to startdust shop - Add Cerberus with proper map regions - Add fully working construction - Esc hotkey to close bank - Enable other patch at Farming - possibly for trees - Add reindeer hat (maybe) - XP Boosts -- based on your total donated
  8. Hello all fellow Goliath players & staff. Today I am informing you guys of an event that's going to be occurring at the time of this post, until the end of next week on Saturday at 12am. This event is hosted by me. Below is all the information you need. What's the event? The event is the referral event. This event is a challenge for the community to see who devotes themselves most to our server & this is your time to shine if you have the inclination to help this server grow! What do I get out of this? So you might be wondering, "What's the reward", "What's the point of doing this?"; To help out the server! Kidding, there is rewards which will be listed below for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. How do I refer someone in-game? First of all, please note all information will be logged to prevent cheating during the process of the event. If you are caught in the event of cheating, there will be consequences. In order to refer someone you type ::referral (username here). So i.e. ::referral Skiller8860 (WILL NOT COUNT AS ONE). Any cheating and/or invalid referrals will be counted as -3 from your total automatically by the system. So if you would like to win this event, I would recommend NOT to cheat. Understand this helps keep Goliath macro free and fair for all players, thank you. The Rewards: Finally the rewards, as some of you are probably envisaging of whether to do this event or not, it will mean a lot from me kindly even if you do not like the rewards, to put forth your best effort to try to help us grow and become one of the best servers out there. First Place: - $60 in-game credit for Members Store - Donator status; if you are already donator, 100m in-game cash. - $20 Digital Giftcard of your choice (can be anywhere just let me know). Second Place: - $20 in-game credit for Members Store - 1 Chaotic Weapon of your choice - Receive custom rank on forums of your choice. (must not violate our rules) Third Place: - $10 in-game credit for Members Store - 20m in-game cash. - 5 Legendary M-boxes Goodluck to all of you, thank you for all of those who have supported Golaith, as you guys made this event & this server possible, happy referring!
  9. Welcome to Goliath @Awakens we are happy to have you here as a player on the server :).
  10. Everybody has been asking lately, what are the rewards for a said achievement. Upon thought of people asking about it and thinking it'll help you guys out, this post will inform you of every achievement in Goliath, and every reward following with it. *Will be updated as we progress in adding more achievements down the road. Have suggestions for them? Put it in our suggestions section. Easy Tasks:
  11. - Fixed mem leaks - Added Abyssal Bludgeon w/ proper special attack - 100% - Added Abyssal Dagger w/ proper special attack - 100% - Added Twisted Bow w/ custom & unique special attack - 100% - Added Toxic Staff of the Dead - Fixed a bug when displaying model for the Toxic Staff of the Dead - Allowed in Dungeoneering - To sell items to Smuggler but not buy them back. Drops from NPCs inside of Dungeoneering, cannot be sold yet. Work in progress. - Updated server commands for ::claim. Will now recognize the new items added to ::store. - Added to drop logs: Nex, Bandos Avatar: Abyssal Bludgeon as a ultra rare. The most powerful weapon in-game currently. - Added to drop logs: Abyssal Demons: Abyssal Dagger as semi-rare. - Fixed a launcher issue. Upon first time launch, there would be a glitch where the launcher stayed open & opened the client, causing the Goliath client to freeze in the process due to too much mem being used. Will now close up launching regardless if first or second time use. - Added Discord button to the front of the launcher. Please get our latest launcher by clicking HERE to prevent bugs or errors in the launcher. - Added ::thread (ID) command in-game now works. Promotes more forums usage. I.e. "::thread 18" in-game will bring you to this page. The ID is whatever the number is after /topic/ in the URL. - Added "DEBUG" option on Launcher to fix issues of either launcher closing and not opening the client it's self or launcher saying the .jar is corrupt. The debug function will delete the .jar. Click the debug button once, then immediately after hit "Launch" problem solved. Media from updates: Abyssal Bludgeon: Abyssal Dagger Twisted Bow Toxic Staff of the Dead In progress - Increased GP in dungeoneering to 80k start (120k for members) Double of what was provided for non-members. Putting animations and proper GFX with special ability for Toxic Staff of the Dead.
  12. The Member rank is a one-time payment that when redeemed will bind your account to Member status. This is not a subscription and only is paid once. Members will always get access to future Member content. Member rank Golden $ beside your name in-game. Member rank on our forums. Access to the ::yell command and access to setting your own colors! You may enter Godwars Dungeon without having the required items (IE: No Mithril grapple.) You may enter Godwars dungeon without having kill count. Access to the exclusive Member zone. Purchase convenience/cosmetic items for GP. Better starting gear when doing Dungeoneering Increased Prayer experience rate Increased drop chance of Skilling pets. x2 Bonecrusher XP. Double chance of getting a Coffin of the Damned from Barrows. Member zone media Please keep in mind, As of 06/29/2019 the member zone is still under construction and more features will be added each patch. Once member zone is complete this message will be deleted. A Note From The StaffWe personally want to thank each of our supporters. You're helping us grow and complete so many goals of ours in such a short period of time. Things are just getting started for Goliath. We have huge goals for our server, and we know with your support we can become one of the biggest RSPS.
  13. Well, It's finally here! A full list of the player, Contributor, and Member Commands. The commands are pretty simple. If you are a player, you can use the player commands. If you are a contributor, you can use the contributor commands and the player commands. If you are a member, you can use all of the commands on this list. For now, these are the command available. Of course, in the future, more commands will be added in. Player Commands ::toggleglobalmessages This command will opt you out of the automatic messages in the server. ::reward 1 all This command will give you 1x Vote Scroll per site you voted on. Each Vote Scroll contains 1 Vote Point & 10 minutes of Bonus XP! Vote Points can be used at Sit Vyvin at home. ::referral [player] {referred, refer, refferedby} Sets the player who referred you, gives both players a reward! ::commands This command will bring you right to this page! ::memberinfo or ::donorinfo Opens an explanation for all the benefits of being a member. ::ironmaninfo Opens an explanation for iron man, hardcore iron man modes, as well as normal mode. ::tid [the thread's id] or ::thread [ID] or ::showthread [ID] This command is pretty tricky to use, but if you can master it, you will be able to open up all of the pages on the forums from inside the client itself. Example ::thread 17 will bring you here. ::claim This command basically explains itself. It's used to claim any kind of donation or reward you have pending. ::store Opens the donation page ::discord Want to chat with other members using a headset kind of like skype? Use this command. It brings up our discord chat rooms where we have a room for almost anything (sort of ;P)! ::forums This one definitely explains itself. Use this command to get to our forums via client. ::rules Opens the rules page ::save Feeling a bit laggy? Save your account progress incase of unexpected disconnection. ::vote This command opens up our voting page, where you can vote for 2x XP & vote points! ::hiscores This command opens up our server wide highscores. With separate ironman and ultimate ironman sections. ::home Teleports you to the Home area. ::shops Teleports you to our shops ::edge Teleports you to edgeville. Where people mostly PvP (Player VS. Player). ::trade This will take you to the Grand Exchange Area, where people usually sell items! ::chill Bored and just wanting to relax with some friends? Go Chill! ::gambling This will take you to the Gambling Area, where players can gamble their money against one another. ::help This command enables you to be able to ask any staff member for help. Whatever it may be. ::empty Deletes all of the items in your inventory - *NOTE* This cannot be undone. ::players This command will show you who all is online, as well as their rank and some statistics. ::maxhit melee / ::maxhit range / ::maxhit magic This command will show your max hit with either melee or range./align] Toggleable Ground Text To do so you must open the console by pressing ` which is next to 1 and above tab and type "groundtext" in the console to change your setting. This command will show the names for items that are on the ground./align] ::drops This command will open the drop interface so you can search the drop tables of npcs. ::whatdrops "item name" This command will tell you any and all npc's that drop the specified item you searched for. ::time This command tells you the server time in military time (24:00) in the chatbox. ::attacks This command displays your current Melee, ranged, & magic attack stats. Contributor Commands ::hex This command opens up a list of codes for the command below. ::setyellhex [hexcode] This command will allow you to change the color of your yell! ::getyellhex This command will show you your current yell hex. Member Commands ALL CONTRIBUTOR COMMANDS PLUS THE FOLLOWING ::yell [message] This command allows you to talk to other members via global chat. Everyone will see it no matter where they are ingame. ::crystalchest {ckey, crystalkey, crystal} This command allows you to use the crystal keys in your inventory, regardless of being near a chest. ::decant Decants your potions. ::memberzone {mzone, donorzone, dzone} Takes you to the Member Zone! ::setyelltitle [title] This command allows you to have a custom title for your yells. To reset it, set the title to "null", or type "::setyelltitle null". The color is based off your rank, and currently allows up to 6 characters. Item Commands ::fly This command is unlocked by drinking a Potion of Flight. ::ghostwalk This command is unlocked by opening a Coffin of the Damned. There will be more commands added in the future, for now, these are our basics. Please bare with us while we get more content setup for everyone!
  14. This will be an informational post on the different game modes available in Goliath. I will go over the Regular mode briefly, and then the Iron Man and Ultimate Iron Man modes in more depth.Regular The regular, or default mode was the way Goliath was initially meant to be played. In regular mode, you're playing in a MMORPG environment. You have the ability to trade other players, use shops, duel, and generally use all elements intended for players. If you're unsure of the Iron Man, or Ultimate Iron Man modes, we'd recommend starting here.Iron ManIron Man includes access to the majority of the core content in Goliath, with a big twist. You're playing the game single-player, for the most part. You cannot trade with other players, or access the majority of shops. You cannot stake other players, either. This twist will force players to fully experience everything Goliath has to offer in order to thrive. And, if you ever get tired of the Iron Man, you may convert into the Normal mode.Ultimate Iron ManUltimate Iron Man mode is very similar to Iron Man mode, with another big twist. Along with all of the challenges of Iron Man, you cannot bank. Your only possessions will be the ones you can take with you, being your Backpack and Gear. Your character files will NOT be deleted if you die, however you will lose your items. This mode is the most difficult, and should you wish to change, you can turn into a regular Iron Man, or Normal character.
  15. The following rules have been created to make a safe environment for everyone. The following rules apply both to the game & forums - no excuses or exceptions.Golden Rule - Use Common Sense!Chat Related Offenses Excessive Profanity. Threats of violence. Advertising other Servers. Staff Impersonation. Cyber-Bullying, Insults, Flaming, Trolling. Racism, or any other prejudice. For sake of overall peace, please do not discuss religion - or lack thereof, at all. No discussion of illegal, or otherwise profane/controversial topics including politics. Gibberish/Spamming, Chat flooding (Less than 5 seconds between messages), excessive advertising. Action Related Offenses Intentional or Malicious Bug abuse. Boosting. Scamming. Luring. X-Logging. Macroing (including autoclicking/scripts/bots). Offensive Names. Buying/Selling/Giving Accounts. Buying/Selling Items for RSGP. Buying/Selling Items For IRL Money. Buying/Selling RS pins/membership. Distributing files. Sharing personal information. Item lending, while not against the rules, is frowned upon and done at your own risk. Play fair, smart, and safely! Most importantly, have fun! Best regards, Administration
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