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Welcome to Goliath!

In order to play on the server, please download our latest client found by CLICKING HERE!



  1. Introduction

    Introduce yourself here!

  2. General Discussion

    This section can be used for discussing the Server & forums.

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  3. Community Media

    This section is used for posting any media, regarding in-game content.

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  4. Guides

    In need of some assistance? Look no further than our guides section! You can find help with things such as minigames, skilling, pvm, pvp, money making, and more!

  5. Clan HQ

    Want to clan with a few of your buddies? OR HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE IN YOUR CLAN THAT YOU RUN THE WORLD? Well, feel free to recruit here!

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  6. Marketplace

    Buy & Sell here.

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