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  3. Been playing with a few things in Photoshop (i am by now means any good but i'm learning slowly!) Just a font with a different images masked behind it, quite effective!
  4. Sounds good, going to have to do some recruiting!
  5. FRV

    FRV / Gimli

    Afternoon everyone, Been playing on Goliath for a couple of days now just thought i should introduce myself. Im Fabian, (FRV / Gimli) I've been playing rs now on and off for around 13 years, and probable been playing RSPS's for around 5-6 years of that time. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone, and thanks for a nice welcome into the server, I know you can join a lot of servers and find that not many people speak, or are even online, so it's very refreshing to join a server like Goliath! Feel free to add & speak to me any time i'll be happy to chat! Thanks!
  6. Topher


    nice guide g, i've done it in similar gear setup and it was a breeze.
  7. Possibly things like: Chances to save items like Crystal keys per rank, or caskets, some popular bosses or at least easier access to them from the dzones.
  8. Read my mind with this in all honesty. I'm planning on putting this into the benefits 😛
  9. A suggestion I have to different donation level rewards can be faster points per activity. I mean this as Pest control you would obtain more points per game, More loyalty points per hour, slayer points per task, etc.
  10. I like the droprate % increase idea. Definitely will look into doing that. Same with the ::drops tab. Thanks for the idea. Also no problem, thank you to everybody for being a player making this server possible! 😄
  11. I like some of the ideas listed above. One thing i would like to see is for the different membership tiers is Droprate% increase. like 10% better chance, 15% etc. And i've seen it done where once you have something such as the RoW or this donator chance%...it updates the ::drops tab with the correct chance. Otherwise i wouldnt know if its working. Or if anything, maybe a few more skills in the Dzone, and a %XPBoost doing anything in the Dzone? Hope this helps! Thank you for all the hard work skiller!!
  12. I'll keep in mind, thanks for input!
  13. There will be login rewards for f2p too, this thread is mainly just for donator benefits currently.
  14. I'd say with the removal of items from the store, it would be much more benefical to add non Bis items to the store removing all BIs items and having them only avalilable to Legenday Mystery boxes (of course some not so great items are also in here which balances it out, it may also be worth increasing the price of Mboxes). Items remaining on the store would be semi-bis, such as items like blowpipe, bandos/arma whereas the Legendary mbox would have items like Abyssal bludgeon/zaryte bow ETC. The idea of tiers for donating and getting recurring bonuses is interesting and a good idea, but i think it needs some tweaks, first add lower tiers, like $50 is 1 reg mbox/day $100 is 3 reg mboxes $250 is Legendary mbox $500 is 2 legendary and 4 reg mboxes and $1000 would be 5 legendary 5 normal.
  15. op me f2p me no like
  16. Hello fellow Goliath players & staff. Today I am creating this post to let you voice your opinion about donator benefits and/or options. My goal below is I'm planning on making a tier system listed above for donators, if donated x amount then you will receive x. Please comment below any additional benefits you'd like to see donators have, as I am looking for ideas and willing to try to satisfy everyone's wants and needs. Also, due to people not using the in-game Member Store as often as I suspected, more so just buying membership status or an item from the actual store, I will be removing the store in-game and adding all items to the donator store on our website. If there is any items you would like to see, please let me know as I can try to add it to the donator store. Thanks for your community input!
  17. Congratulations to @Awakens for their recent moderator status being approved. He's been playing for 93 hours almost 100 hours. Been very active & welcoming to newer players, trys to help in the best way he can, and he also is very resourceful with knowledge. Welcome to the team! Unfortunate part is, that @scarred is no longer with us due to legitimate reasons. Hopefully they will be back he claimed, but he said it'll be hard for reasons. I hope all gets better for him as he was a helpful member of the staff team for the short period served.
  18. - Fulfilled a suggestion to allow Fishing in Dungeoneering. With your starter in dung, you are now gave x1 Fishing Rod, x1 Harpoon, and 75 Fishing Bait, if member, 175 Fishing Bait. - Starters get Mystery boxes now. Normal mode = 3 Ironman = 2 Ultimate Iron Man = 1. This is beneficial for Ironmen players as drops are harder and the economy is harder for you as-is. - Created new starter (image below). - Dungeoneering skill now has a max level of 120. - Slayer skill now has a max level of 120. - Added x2 fishing objects in Dungeoneering - Added proper Zulrah maps client sided, please update to our latest client or you will see a black screen upon teleporting to Zulrah. New client can be found at the top of the forums. - Donators that are Ironmen & Ultimate Ironmen can no longer access the store at the Donator Zone as it had easy access to potions in it along with other items. - Zulrah has been moved, in compliance with the new regions of the map. - Fixed clue scrolls not displaying proper description due to moving new home -- will not display clues relating to current home. - Added unlimited money pouch feature. It will not show past 2147m but will allow you hold more, just examine to see how much is in it. - Fixed issue where Java 9 users was unable to right click at all. - Fixed issue with short bow & long bow not firing Iron Arrows. - Added minimap icons at home, looks more "clean". - Expanded Bytes on client end to read regions faster. - Eliminated old launcher, caused too many issues. Sorry to those who will miss the .midi music file. It was Piano edition of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons for those who want it. - Created a simple, more lightweight launcher that causes no issues. What to expect in future updates? - Second FL Dungeoneering - Daily login rewards for donators -- based on your total donated - Daily login rewards for non-donators -- will receive XP lamps - Add fully working XP Lamps - Add bonus experience like RS3 down the road - Will add Third-Aged Drudic Wreath to Stardust shop - Add Lit bug Lantern to Stardust shop - Add yo-yo with proper animations & to stardust shop - Add trousers with proper animations & to startdust shop - Add Cerberus with proper map regions - Add fully working construction - Esc hotkey to close bank - Enable other patch at Farming - possibly for trees - Add reindeer hat (maybe) - XP Boosts -- based on your total donated
  19. Hello all fellow Goliath players & staff. Today I am informing you guys of an event that's going to be occurring at the time of this post, until the end of next week on Saturday at 12am. This event is hosted by me. Below is all the information you need. What's the event? The event is the referral event. This event is a challenge for the community to see who devotes themselves most to our server & this is your time to shine if you have the inclination to help this server grow! What do I get out of this? So you might be wondering, "What's the reward", "What's the point of doing this?"; To help out the server! Kidding, there is rewards which will be listed below for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. How do I refer someone in-game? First of all, please note all information will be logged to prevent cheating during the process of the event. If you are caught in the event of cheating, there will be consequences. In order to refer someone you type ::referral (username here). So i.e. ::referral Skiller8860 (WILL NOT COUNT AS ONE). Any cheating and/or invalid referrals will be counted as -3 from your total automatically by the system. So if you would like to win this event, I would recommend NOT to cheat. Understand this helps keep Goliath macro free and fair for all players, thank you. The Rewards: Finally the rewards, as some of you are probably envisaging of whether to do this event or not, it will mean a lot from me kindly even if you do not like the rewards, to put forth your best effort to try to help us grow and become one of the best servers out there. First Place: - $60 in-game credit for Members Store - Donator status; if you are already donator, 100m in-game cash. - $20 Digital Giftcard of your choice (can be anywhere just let me know). Second Place: - $20 in-game credit for Members Store - 1 Chaotic Weapon of your choice - Receive custom rank on forums of your choice. (must not violate our rules) Third Place: - $10 in-game credit for Members Store - 20m in-game cash. - 5 Legendary M-boxes Goodluck to all of you, thank you for all of those who have supported Golaith, as you guys made this event & this server possible, happy referring!
  20. Balls

    99 Cape bonuses

    Mining cape Banks gems as you mine them Smithing cape Has a chance to not use coal ores Woodcutting cape Makes trees (Not the evil tree) last longer Firemaking cape Has a chance to save logs as you burn them Fishing cape Lets you fish without needing a harpoon/net/rod Cooking cape ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Farming cape Auto notes everything you harvest Herblore cape Has a chance to save herbs when making unfinished potions Thieving cape Auto sells stolen goods Agility cape Prevents loss of run energy Crafting cape ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Fletching cape Has a chance to string bows as you cut them Summoning Cape Has a chance to not use charms when making pouches Slayer cape Prevents streak loss when resetting task Hunter cape Doubles catches when hunting Runecrafting cape Turns saved essence into more runes Dungeoneering cape Collects charms, Has an option to turn charms into exp when looted Ranged cape Acts as an accumulator Prayer cape Acts as a bonecrusher Defence cape Acts as a ring of life Max cape Does everything stated above.
  21. Welcome to Goliath @Awakens we are happy to have you here as a player on the server :).
  22. Everybody has been asking lately, what are the rewards for a said achievement. Upon thought of people asking about it and thinking it'll help you guys out, this post will inform you of every achievement in Goliath, and every reward following with it. *Will be updated as we progress in adding more achievements down the road. Have suggestions for them? Put it in our suggestions section. Easy Tasks:
  23. Hello Everyone! My friends call me Scotty G. I'm 25 years old and currently living in Tokyo, Japan. I am Active Duty Air Force (USA), and am stationed here. I am originally from New York (not the city). As for work, I am a Radio DJ for a Morning show here in Tokyo. I do a 4 hour morning show Mon-Fri and its a lot of fun! I've been married to my wife for over 4 years and we have a really cute dog. Her name is Yuki and she is an American Eskimo. Please feel free to ask me any questions in game if you need help! Welcome to Goliath! (My little Sister (left) My Wife (right), and My Dog) -Awakens
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